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We Want a King

Sometimes we settle for so much less than God intended because we depend on the physical and not on faith. 

The Hand of God

We love the mercy and grace of God, but they cannot exist apart from the justice and discipline of God. We must learn to value both, and properly fear and love God. 

The Word

Can you recognize God's voice when he speaks?


To follow God means to tust him as the source of truth and not allow culture and comfort to influence our faith and service.  

Jerub-Baal (Gideon)

The fact that a perfect God would choose to use imperfect and flawed people to accomplish his mission is proof that he is a God of grace. 

Know God

What is the cause of the decline of a nation? How do we prevent it? 

In Those Days

A review of the Bible's story through the book of Joshua, and an introduction to the book of Judges

Promise Keeper

God keeps His promises. God is faithful. His ways are not our ways and His timing is often not our timing, but his faithfulness endures forever.

How Will You Be Known

We often think of legacy as that which others will remember about us, but there is something bigger that we should be focusing on.

How Big Is Your God

The more we learn about God and his mission, the bigger God becomes and the greater our alegiance to Him should be.

Be Strong & Courageous

Strength is not just measured by muscle, but also by character and faith. What does it take to be strong in those areas of life?

Leading as God Intended

Men, we have a calling to refelct God to our friends, family and communities, and that means we need to be the leaders that God has called us to be. 


Actions speak louder than words, so it is important that we, as followers of Jesus, don't just talk the talk, but prove we believe it by our actions. 

The Cure for Snake Bite

Rebels. Each of us is one, or was one. How does a just and holy God deal with rebels? With wrath and grace.

Do You Trust Me?

You cannot have a healthy relationship without trust. God can be trusted, but do you trust him? 

Graves of Craving

What do you crave? Discontentment distorts reality and keeps us from following God. 

The Blaze

When the work that God calls us to is hard, do we complain or do we count it a blessing to be partners with God?

The Blessing of God

The grace of God is awesome. But living in such a way that we need to experience that grace all the time is not healthy. What if we lived for the blessing of God instead?

The Grace of God

How do you react when someone fails you? Perhaps a better questions is, "How does God treat us when we fail him?"

Tested by God

I really don't like tests, do you? Did you know that God tests us?

A Meal with God

The covenant, sacrifices, journey up the mountain, bowing in worship... all of these led up to one huge event - a meal with God.

God's Mission in Ten Words

Really? God's mission in Ten Words? Yeah, but it's not what you think, in more ways than one.

I Resolve

Reflection is healthy. Reflection without action can be dangerous. What will you resolve to do or become in 2019?

Pick Me

We often refer to our burning bush experiences, but that might not be a good thing. We are created for mission - are we willing to go or full of excuses?

It's All Good

Are you a chronic complainer? Do you see yourself as a vactim? What if you knew that there was a purpose behind it all that would enventually work out for good?

Claiming your faith

We can make our kids eat their viggies, but we cannot make them love God. 

Let's make a deal

What keeps us from totally trusting God and being willing to go wherever he leads us?


God wipes out mankind, all except Noah. He does a total reboot of mankind. Now what?

A chip off the old block

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. When you hear that, what comes to mind?

The Mission of God - OVERVIEW

Jesus was not plan B, He was THE PLAN all along. Follow the mission from Genesis to Revelation.

The Pursuit of Restoration

We often focus on the fall of man and the punishment that follows. Have you ever really taken the time to examine God's response to our rebellion?

Choosing our own mission

If we are created to represent God and have relationship with him, what happens if we choose not to?

The beginning of the mission

To understand the mission of God we have to start in the beginning. Genesis. 

Joining God on Mission

All of life exists to declare the supremacy of God. Do you believe that? When you do, it changes everything. 

The church is a bride

Weddings are beautiful times of covenants. Imagine having the perfect groom who cherishes you enough to pay dearly for you.

The church is a loving family

Every family has certain guidelines and ground rules that help it to function. The church is the same, and Jesus made them very easy to understand.

The church is a family

What emotions, events and thoughts come to mind when you think of family? God being us into his family and it changes the way we view what it means to be the church.

The church is a body

What differences come to mind when you think of the words building and body?