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Do You See Her?

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Introduction to Care Net + Genesis 16:1-13

Psalm 69

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Have you ever wanted to pray an imprecatory prayer? What does that mean?

An Old Testament Christmas

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The New Testament makes no sense without the Old Testament.

Who is Jesus? (Reflection)

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A personal reflection on Jesus, bereft of scripture reading, full of my conversations with AI. Regularly scheduled programming to resume shortly.

He is Risen Indeed!

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Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus

Happy New Year!

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A look at the concept of new year, Jewish festivals, and what it means for us.


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What and why is sacrifice?

Easter 2022

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A celebration of our Lord's resurrection.

Christmas: God With Us

  • Sermon Video: Immanuel: God With Us

God wants to be among his creation, and through Jesus all that humanity lost will be restored.

The Christmas Story

  • Sermon Video: Christmas Story sermon

It certainly was NOT a silent night, but it definitely WAS a holy night.

Special Guest: Dr. Tim Kubacki

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An eye-opening update from Angola, and a powerful call to compassion.


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Celebrating Thanksgiving as a Christian

Old Testament Review

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A review of the entire Old Testament in 45 minutes or less?

Mother's Day

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Message & Child Dedication

Merry Christmas!

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The Christmas Story

Fear of the Lord

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What does it really mean to fear the Lord?

He Is Risen

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Easter Sunday Celebration

Drawn to God on Purpose

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Of all the miracles and wonders that God performed, the greatest one is the work he does in drawing us to Him and giving us a new life with a new purpose. 

Kicking Off Your New Year

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A New Year often brings up a focus on the future, but to look forward with the right perspective we need to look back first. 


One of those 'churchy" words that we really don't use today. What does it mean and how can the meaning change our perspective?

Mud and Spit

If Jesus can heal a blind man and bring glory to the Father with mud and spit, imagine what He can do with you and me!

Who Is Your One?

To be a Jesus-Follower means we need to do the things Jesus did. That means loving people the way He did. 


Our identity does not come from our family, job or education but from our relationship with God and each other through the saving work of Jesus.

Thou Shalt Not Be Worthless

Sure you know the 10 Commandments, but do you recognize this as one of them?

Kingdom Parternships

The mission is much bigger than we are. To accomplish it, we must focus on the Kingdom and on partnerships.

Live for what Really Matters

What do a soldier, an athelete and a farmer all have in common? Don't just live life... live for what really matters. 

Light of the World

God is light. Jesus is light. WE are called to be light to the world.

No Condemnation

The law cannot justify us, but it is good because it points to the One who can make us right with God, and remove our guilt and shame.

Go and Tell Them

Go and Tell Them! - If you're a follower of Christ, you've got a grace story to share with others.

Hope In God

In Psalms 42 & 43 we find practical encouragement for seasons of spiritual depression and conflict.

Wrestling with Righteousness

What is prayer to you? It is a one way conversation or two way communion?

The Bible Centered Life

Could you use some joy in your life? A Word centered life is the best way.

Walking with God

The new year is a time to look back and see what we need to remember and what is important. Do you walk with God?

Be More Like Jesus

In order to be like Jesus, we need to know what Jesus came to earth to do.

To All The World

From the beginning of tike, God's plan has been to save the whole world.

Beautiful Bountiful Blessings

Where do you get your identity from? Check out what God thinks of you and all that He does for you.

Trust & Obey

The commandments of God are not meant to be burdensome, but we can only obey if we are empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Your Best Life Later

In this world we WILL have troubles. Jesus said so. The good news is that the best life is yet to come...

Recycled Faith

Often, our belief in Jesus is the culmination of a process. Check our how John describes this process.

Palm Sunday

As we gather to worship a week before Easter Sunday, we consider the events in the life of Christ which led up to His death, burial, and ressurection.

Praise The Lord

We're told to not trust in the governmental leaders of this world for eternal things, but rather to go to the King of Kings for our salvation and provision.

New Year New Song

It is a new year - so what does that mean for you and your relaitionship wtih God? Have you allowed Him to put a new song in your heart?

Dare to Discern

It seems that many people are lacking peace and are afraid of disaster. Perhaps, it is partially because we have lost sight of common sense and discernment.

Thanksgiving 2016

What are you thinkful for?

Wisdom & Righteousness

Today we look at Proverbs 2 to discover the value, purpose, and source of true spiritual wisdom, and how it’s meant to lead us toward godly lives in Christ.

Better Together

From the beginning of creation, we have been designed to be better together - at work, home & church.


In 1 John 5:1-5 we find four marks of a faithful Christian: Genuine faith in Jesus, Love for God and others, obedience to God's commands, and overcoming the obstacles of the world.

Generous - part 2

Generosity is a funny thing. It’s one of those virtues that generally speaking we all tend to appreciate, but it can also be hard, at times, to practice it.

Generous - part 1

Generosity is a funny thing. It’s one of those virtues that generally speaking we all tend to appreciate, but it can also be hard, at times, to practice it.

Communion - The Cup

Communion connects us to the Passover, and the cup of wine that Jesus had... or was it cups? And why are these cups not mentioned in Exodus?

Passing Over Communion

Communion connects us to the Passover, and the perfect spotless Lamb that was sacrificed to free us from death to live a new life of hope.

The Work of The King: Resurrection

After three days in the tomb Jesus rose again conquering death, proving he was who he said he was, and offering us new life in him.

The Work of The King: Reconciliation

Christ is King over all, yet he chose to die in our place to pay the debt of sin, and renew our relationship with God.