eikon - blessing everyone

Easter? How about Reconciliation Day? What is the reason for Jesus coming to earth? 

eikon - blessing and cursing

What do we do when people are mean to us or hurt us? Do we bless them or try to take revenge? What would Jesus do?

eikon - why God blesses

I know we all feel blessed by God, but have you ever wondered WHY God blesses us?

eikon - blessing

What does it mean that you and I were made in the image of God and how should it affect the way that we live each day?

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North Country Fellowship Church
NCF was started in 1987 to minister to the growing population of Fort Drum and Jefferson County. Located in Carthage, just minutes away from Ft Drum, Lowville and Watertown, it is a blended congregation of local and military folks, single soldiers, young families and grandparents.