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Living for God's Glory

As we conclude our series in 1 Corinthians, Paul shows us three final areas of life in which followers of Christ should be living for God's glory.

Four Essential Resurrection Truths

Following our Easter celebration we wrap up our time in 1 Cor 15 by examining four essential truths about the Resurrection.

He Is Risen

Christ is risen! But why does that matter, and what does it mean for us today?

Building Up

Gifts must be used to build up the body, to promote understanding and communication, and in a decent and orderly way.


Loving others, even if we've been hurt, is is to reflect Christ's character.

Spiritual Gifts

We can get tangled up in debates over spiritual gifts, but is that why Paul wrote this chapter? 

Observing the Lord's Supper

Multiple times a year we recite 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 as we observe the Lord's Supper. However, there was a specific reason Paul brought it up to the Corinthian church. Today we learn from the larger context of the chapter, and partake in Communion together.

Worship & Headship

Men and women are meant to participate in the gathered worship of Christ. However, we must ensure that our conduct and appearance is in keeping with God's teaching on authority and roles within the church and family.

Liberty & Responsibility

Paul tells us that all things are lawful, but not all things are helpful. We have great liberty in Christ, but with that comes a responsibility to do all things to the Glory of God.

Can't Have it Both Ways

Ever met somoneone who "says" they are a Christian but they don't live like it?

All for the Sake of the Gospel

We are all celled to be ministers of the gospel and we are called to love others.

Relationship Status - Ministry Relationships

We are all celled to be ministers of the gospel and we are called to love others. What does this look like in light of our realtionships?

Relationship Status - A Heart Condition

For relationships to be healthy, whether work, family or church, they require a heart that is obedient to God and that is content with His leading.

Relationship Status - Marriage & Divorce

Paul calls us to see marriage as a permanent, life-long covenant, meant for holiness. However, there may be a few legitimate reasons for divorce.

A Call to Holiness

Following up on last week's message, we continue to discuss the topic of church discipline. The second reason we practice church discipline is for the good of the church body as a whole.

A Call to Discipline

We practice church discipline for a number of reasons: The first reason we practice it is for the good of the individual.

Spiritual Fatherhood

Quit thinking of yourself so highly, and to instead imitate his selfless and humble pursuit of Christ's Gospel work in the world.

Faithful Servants

Followers of Christ will face criticism and judgement from other people, themselves, and God. However only the Lord is fully right and just, so we should seek to be faithful in serving him.

United in Holiness

The church can avoid division by seeking to be united together in holiness, as we seek to complete the Great Commission work that Christ has given us.

A Solid Foundation

Christ is the solid foundation on which we ought to build our lives and faith. That said, we must take care in how we build, so that our efforts will have lasting effect.

God Gives the Growth

We need a balanced approach toward ministries while looking to God to give spiritual growth in the church.

Merely Human?

Living in the flesh, and not growing in our faith, is unhealthy and hinders our missional impact on the world.

Spiritual Illumination

While spiritual truths are foolishness to the natural man, the Holy Spirit reveals wisdom and gives understanding to the believer.

Spiritual Wisdom

Spiritual wisdom is revealed from God, and points to His sovereignty. It’s misunderstood by the world, but empowers the lives of the believer.

Proclaiming the Testimony of God

Followers of Christ should keep their focus on the Gospel as they share their faith with the world, trusting God for the outcome.

Boasting in Christ

We're meant to find ultimate satisfaction not in our own worldly standing, but in who we are in Christ, and in what He’s accomplished on our behalf.

God's Wisdom vs Man's

The message of Christ can seem like foolishness to many, yet it’s the power of God for salvation.

Unity in the Gospel

Instead of dividing over personal preferences, we should find solidarity in the one thing we hold in common: our confession of faith in Jesus.

God Is Faithful

Every church is made up of imperfect people. Nevertheless, there is much to be thankful for! God is faithful to sustain us even when we don’t “have it all together.”