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Something old... something new.

On a recent trip out of town I was blessed to connect with a church that had a really neat ministry idea. It was nothing revolutionary. As a matter of fact, it was an old idea with a fresh perspective.

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We're Back!

NCFC's Services have MOVED back to the Sayre Road buliding!

Beginning July 5th, we'll be meeting at 11am at the NCFC Building, 35206 Sayre Road! We made a big announcement during our worship service today, and we are so excited that we want to make sure everyone hears the news: Today was our last service at Carthage High School!

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FREE Bible Apps for ANDROID Devices

Confessions of a former iPhone owner: I LOVE my Android device just as much as I loved my iOS devices. And in case you have not noticed, most of your favorite apps are available on either platform. One great use for your Android device is as an electronic Bible! So, I have compiled this simple list to help you get a jumpstart on finding the best Android Bible app for you. 

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A little about NCF

NCF was started in 1987 to minister to the growing population of Fort Drum and Jefferson County. Located in Carthage, just minutes away from Ft Drum, Lowville and Watertown, it is a blended congregation of local and military folks, single soldiers, young families and grandparents.