Soli Deo Gloria

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God offers us salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, all for the glory of God! But what is God's glory, and how does it impact us?

Solus Christus

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Salvation is in Christ alone, and this morning we expand our study on the person and work of Jesus.

Sola Fide

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By faith in Christ we are justified, and by faith we are also sanctified, day-by-day.

Sola Gratia

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Grace is receiving favor and blessing that you are not owed. Salvation is God's ultimate example.

Sola Scriptura

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The Bible is a unique library of sixty-six books, which comprise the written word of God. It is our supreme standard for life and faith.

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NCF was started in 1987 to minister to the growing population of Fort Drum and Jefferson County. Located in Carthage, just minutes away from Ft Drum, Lowville and Watertown, it is a blended congregation of local and military folks, single soldiers, young families and grandparents.

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