Meeting virtually and for real

Posted On May 23rd, 2020 | 8:08am EDT

We wanted to check in and give everybody an update considering the statements made by President Trump on Friday. If you haven’t heard, read, or watched it yet, you can see it here:

As surely many of you will agree, we think much of what he said was very encouraging! His remarks affirm religious gatherings as essential and stand in defense of religious freedom. We hope this encourages our other leaders to put a high priority and focus on making sure religious gatherings are brought up to speed with the same standards and enthusiasm as businesses which are deemed “essential.”

In New York, we have been cleared to hold religious gatherings of 10 people or less, following social distancing guidelines, which is also very encouraging! However, that is the extent of the permission we have from New York State currently. We do not have state permission to hold meetings any larger than that.

[ref: NYS announcement of small gatherings: ]

There is no doubt that the situation is political, a little messy, and it’s going to be weird for a bit! We will continue to monitor the progression of events and make plans accordingly.

Regarding this weekend, we want to be clear that our Sunday morning service will be held virtually as it has been the past few weeks. [ZOOM: ]

The elders and deacons will be meeting in the near future to work through our plan for getting back to “normal” and will keep you posted.

Though our Sunday morning “gathering” will remain virtual, remember that we DO now have the option of getting together in small groups of ten people or less, as long as we follow these guidelines. It may feel like it’s a small step, but it’s a step of progress in the right direction!

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