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UPDATE on the Elders & Services

Written by Mike Biolsi

Posted On April 3rd, 2021

well, it is anything but normal!

ELDER UPDATE: This has been a crazy season.

Between babies and covid, the elders are stretched a little bit thin and appreciate your prayers and support. It may take us extra time to get back to you, but please do not mistake that for lack of concern. We love you all but also have to love our families, too! Thank you for your understanding!

David & Ellie.

We are so grateful for the health of David, Ellie & Eden! Thank you for all the prayers for them and the support! We appreciate David stepping right back in to cover for Mike! 

Laura & Mike.

Laura is over the COVID but will be recovering from some symptoms for a while. Mike is home from the hospital and considered quarantined until 9-April-2021. Mike will be on oxygen for probably at least a few more weeks and as such will not be able to leave his house.  At this point it is simply going to take time for Mike's lungs to heal. 

EASTER SUNDAY 4/4 – Back in the building!

We hope to see many of you back in the building. We will plan on prayer in-building at 10:30am and the message at 11:00am, which will also be available online.

UPDATE on the Elders & Services

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