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Small Group Gatherings

Written by Mike Biolsi

Posted On June 3rd, 2020

Good news! Research has proven that church small groups of 10 or less are the most effective. And now that our region has clearance to meet in groups of 10 or less, we are excited about the possibilities! 🤩

As groups start to gather again, some simple policies have been establsihed to help us keep in step with the guidelines provided by the government. Please take a minute to become familiar with them:

  1. By using the NCF building for any purpose, you consent to follow all guidelines and mandates issued by federal, state and local governments. This includes any and all social distancing protocols, face coverings, and personal hygiene recommendations in place at the time of use.
  2. Additionally, if you have recently experienced any COVID-19 related symptoms, please refrain from gathering in person and attend all meetings virtually if possible.
  3. All small group leaders need to submit a building use request form (complete online) so that the deacons can go over sanitation procedures. 

Groups are strongly encouraged to continue offering virtual options for those that are not able to attend physically. The church has a guest WiFi network.  Contact one of the elders if you have any challenges connecting. 

Two meeting spaces have been set up in the main room. One is a circle of well spaced out chairs. The other is a series of tables and chairs. Pick the location that works the best for your type of group and most of the details are taken care of already. 

That is pretty much it.  Respect our authorities and each other and enjoy getting together! Told you it was simple. 


Small Group Gatherings

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