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Getting Back to the Building

Written by Mike Biolsi

Posted On July 22nd, 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic has literally changed the face of society, it cannot change the God-given need for realtionship that we are gifted with.

We miss you. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has literally changed the face of society, it cannot change the God-given need for realtionship that we are gifted with. Zoom fatigue is real. Isolation based depression is real. The desire for things to go back to normal is real. Amidst these realities looms the virus that is also very real. 

It is our calling from God to be a family. It is also our calling to respect the authorities God has placed over us. That means that we can get back together, but we must do it a certain way... for now. 

Starting Sunday, July 26th, we will be opening the doors of the building for our 11:00 meetings. We will still be live streaming, but we will also be allowing people to attend in person.  


With a meeting room that is only 40x40 (inlcuding the stage) it is a challenge to meet the requirements of social distancing! Here are the current guidelines:

  • 50% capacity - that means up to 50 people in the main room
  • Masks - just like entering any retail store, masks must be worn
  • Distancing - 6' when not wearing a mask, or 12' if singing - this is the big challenge! Even by grouping familiy units together, we will not be able to fit 50 people with 6', let alone 12'. 
  • Greeting - handshaking and hugging is discouraged
  • Meals - shared dinners where people help themselves are not allowed
  • Sanitizing - the buliding must be sanitized after use and sanitizer/soap must be readily available


Because we cannot fit people and stay 12' apart, we will not have public singing at this time.  Because we do not want to turn away people, we will group families together and spread out chairs as much as possible. However, in order to not turn people away and to make sure we meet the state requirements, we will need to do what many other churches have been doing:

  • a greeter will open/close the doors so you do not have to touch the handle - assuming you arrive on time 😉
  • there will not be a greeting time, or handshakes, etc and no bulletins will be handed out
  • anyone attending must wear a mask at all times
  • children need to stay with their parents at all times (this will be VERY tough!)

Those that are comfortable attending under these guidelines are welcome! As the state changes the requirements, we will adjust and post the changes. 

RSVP - please call or text Mike with your name and number attending if you plan to attend so we can get a head count!


For those that prefer to be more distant at this time we will still be offering that option. However, we are going to try to adjust the way that we are streaming. Starting July 26th we will be broadcasting via YoutTube live. You can watch it on the church website at:

You will be able to connect 5 minutes before the service and can click the square at the bottom of the video to make it full screen. You can also SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel and watch the service on any device that streams YouTube: Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, SmartTVs and more!

YouTube Channel:

Thanks, everyone! We are blessed to have you as a family and super excited about seeing you in person, even with the restrictions. Thanks for your prayers, understanding and support during this time!

Getting Back to the Building

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