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Colossian Bible Study

Written by Mike Biolsi

Posted On May 21st, 2021

A new Bible study begins in June in the book of Colossians! 

The study will last between 8-12 weeks depending on the group and participation, and will take place on Monday evenings. This one is a little bit different...

A few things are unique about this study:

First, it is open to teens and adults. Any middle or high schooler is welcome to attend, however we would like them to attend with an adult. Why, you ask? Because we beleive faith is taught in the home and we want to foster family-based discipleship. 

The second unique aspect of this study is that it will be offered both in-person and online.  So you can attend whichever format works best for you. 

Third, we will be using the Church Online app for all of our assignments and communication as a group. The app will need to be downloaded by each participant. (see links below)


Find all of the details, ask questions or sign up at


  • Mike Biolsi's house - Carthage
  • Online - via Google Meet

App Links:

Colossian Bible Study