Ministry Support, Service Cancellation, & Moving Up

Ministry Support

For those of you who want to use your talents for God we are willing to help support you with options such as bulletin inserts, your events listed on the church calendar and website, etc.

Some guidelines that you need to follow:

  • Before a ministry will be promoted by the church it must be approved by the elders.
  • Any event that you wish to hold at the church must be approved by the elders and a building use form must be completed and signed off by the church leadership. Please submit this request 45 days in advance and allow 7 days for processing.
  • Any bulletin announcements or inserts must be received by the elders no later than the Tuesday prior to the Sunday you want the event announced/inserted.
  • The ministry leaders are responsible for the design, layout and content of all announcements; printing will be provided.
  • The elders reserve the right to adjust or adapt this policy at any time.

Service Cancellation

We have no desire to ask people to break the law to attend church. Also, if Carthage Central School has cancelled school activities NCF activities should also be cancelled.

If you are ever concerned about whether or not there will be services you can check any of the following sources:

If you are a ministry leader, please contact Pastor Mike or Pastor Len with the cancellation information so it can be added to the church calendar and online ASAP.

Moving Up

Below is a breakdown of the different discipleship ministries we currently offer:

  • 0 to 3yrs - Nursery
  • 3yrs to Pre-K - Sunday School 1
  • Kindergarten to Grade 2 - Sunday School 2
  • Grade 3 to Grade 5 - Sunday School 3
  • Grade 6 to Grade 8 - Junior High Youth
  • Grade 9 to Grade 12 - Senior High Youth
  • Graduates to Senior Saints - Small Groups

When to Move Up

Children and youth may move up to the next class/group at any convenient time after the completion of the regular school year and before the first day of classes in the coming fall.

After Labor Day each child should be in the appropriate age/grade class.

If your child has special needs that you would like taken in consideration regarding the age group that he/she needs to be in please submit your concerns in writing to the Christian Education Deacon or one of the Pastors.

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NCF was started in 1987 to minister to the growing population of Fort Drum and Jefferson County. Located in Carthage, just minutes away from Ft Drum, Lowville and Watertown, it is a blended congregation of local and military folks, single soldiers, young families and grandparents.

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