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  • God's Wisdom vs Man's

    God's Wisdom vs Man's

    The message of Christ can seem like foolishness to many, yet it’s the power of God for salvation.

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  • Unity in the Gospel

    Unity in the Gospel

    Instead of dividing over personal preferences, we should find solidarity in the one thing we hold in common: our confession of faith in Jesus.

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  • God Is Faithful

    God Is Faithful

    Every church is made up of imperfect people. Nevertheless, there is much to be thankful for! God is faithful to sustain us even when we don’t “have it all together.”

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If you are looking for a big church, we're not it... yet.


If you are looking for an

awesome church
with lots of young people, energy

and passion for God...

welcome to ncfchurch!


We are an imperfect group of people who have accepted the free gift of forgiveness through Jesus Christ. We don't pretend to have all of the answers but we are committed to living for God while we are on this earth. If you are looking for a church to learn, grow and serve in then we invite you to check out NCF and see if we are the family you have been looking for.

Our mission is to love God, love others and share Jesus with as many people as possible.



A little about NCF

NCF was started in 1987 to minister to the growing population of Fort Drum and Jefferson County. Located in Carthage, just minutes away from Ft Drum, Lowville and Watertown, it is a blended congregation of local and military folks, single soldiers, young families and grandparents.